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Photos of 1000's of Bird Flu Deaths on Bird Island Qinghai China

Recombinomics Commentary
June 3, 2005

The latest report from Abundant News has two photos of dead or dying birds on Bird (Naio) Island in Qinghai Lake.  In the close shot, few birds are standing and most that are not standing appear to be dead or dying.  There are no birds flying.  In the longer shot there appear to be thousands of birds on the ground and none in the air.  It seems likely that the number dead or dying is in the thousands.

The photos are dated May 27, and if accurate, would indicate that the die-off is continuing because the birds in the picture appear to be of recent deaths or birds that are suffocating.  The initial reports indicated 150 bar headed geese were found dead on May 4 and another 28 were found in the following few days.  Thus, it would seem that birds have been dying for three weeks and the number in these two pictures would suggest that the reported 8000 dead birds is a low number that may still be increasing.

The massive H5N1 die off is without precedent and suggests that the H5N1 is quite infectious and is killing water birds that are normally not affected by H5N1.

The large numbers of dead birds, verified by photos, indicate that an updated report to OIE is warranted.  The report of May 21 describes 519 bird flu deaths, and the number dead in this one picture far exceeds that number.

Thus, the report on over 8000 bird deaths was quite specific with regard to the number of dead birds as well as the large number of species.  The newly released pictures appear to back up these numbers.

Investigations by third parties on the ground in Qinghai Province appear to be long overdue.  These investigations should focus on the claims of massive bird deaths as well as deaths in domestic animals, tourists, and residents near the Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve.

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