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Mysterious Disease Kills 400 Sheep in Mongolia
Recombinomics Commentary
June 7, 2005

>>  According to the New China net reported that, the Mongolian emergency case bureau person in charge said, since June, in the above two counties several households herd common people's sheep has appeared gives off heat, losses of appetite and so on the symptom, after 23 days one after another died, at present more than 20 herdsmen's flock of sheeps have received the infection, but had not discovered the person infects case of illness. (Abundant news  <<

The deaths of 400 sheep in two counties in Mongolia are cause for concern.  There was not enough detail or clinical data to indicate the cause of death, but H5N1 bird flu should be considered.  Many of the bar-headed geese that winter in northern India and fly to Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve continue fly north to southern Russia, flying over Mongolia.

Reports on the H5N1 outbreak in Qingahi have indicated that over 8000 birds have died. Deaths of domestic animals, including 84 sheep were reported previously.

If the sheep in Mongolia have died from H5N1 infections, then the earlier Qinghai reports would be more credible.  It would also confirm H5N1 infection of sheep, which hasn't been reported previously

More detail on the deaths of the sheep and any associated human cases would be useful

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