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Mysterious Disease Killing Cattle in Tripura, India

Recombinomics Commentary
June 11, 2005

>> as soon as the cow contracts the disease it suffers from high fever and its hooves, udders and tongue swell up with an ulcerous growth. "Generally the cow or the bull dies within two days secreting excessive saliva." Rambabu Yadav who has lost five milch cows said there is no point in calling the doctor once the cow is inflicted with the disease because within a matter of two days the animal will die. It is feared that at least 1,245 cows and at least 2,000 bulls will die in the epidemic.,,.....

I am retired, nobody calls me but I am sure that this killer disease is not hoof-sickness because the symptoms are different," said Paritosh Mazumder, a vet. He said the situation needs to be brought under control and senior doctors of the animal resource department should inspect the animals.  <<

The above description of an animal outbreak in Tripura near Agartala, India sounds remarkably like the outbreak near Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve in China.  The Abundant News reports indicated the domestic animals (cows and sheep) were dying from H5N1 and a second agent.  The ProMed report of the outbreak in India quoted government authorities as calling the disease "foot and mouth disease and a viral effect".

Thus, it would seem to be some sort of atypical disease that requires more investigation.  China has sent bird flu vaccine to Qinghia (where migratory birds are dying from H5N1), Xinjiang (where domestic geese are dying from H5N1) and Tibet (where migrating bar headed geese pass over while migrating from the northern plains of India to Qinghai Lake in China.

Agartala is in northeast India, about 200 miles from the border with Tibet and about 800 miles south of Qinghai Lake.  Agartala is also very close to Bengladesh and Mayanmar borders.

More information, including H5N1 status of associated people and birds, would be useful.

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