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Details of H5N1 Bird Flu Fatalities in Gangcha County Qinghai

Recombinomics Commentary

July 15, 2005

>> Two human deaths in Gangzhai county of Qinghai province

B1. Gang jie, a 22 year old driver. His main cause of death  is
respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia.

B2. Sheng Dacaiwang, a 39 year old medical doctor. His main cause of
death is respiratory failure caused by acute pneumonia.

Case B2's backyard poultry were all found dead. From these deceased
birds, H5N1L33 and H5N1RW4 viruses were found. According to
laboratory information, H5N1L33 and a weak strain of H5N1RW4 viruses
were commonly found in the bar-headed geese in the Qinghai lake. Due
to the complicated paths of how case B2 was infected, investigators
could not exclude the possibility of bird flu infection transmitted
from human to poultry in this case. <<

The above human translation of a boxun report details the death of two people from Gangcha Country inclding a 39 year-old physician.  An earlier report lists various isolates from China, describing and naming those that only affect birds, humans, or unknown combinations. The report is quite detailed.  Similarly the above report gives isolate names, location, and disease symptoms.

Multiple isolates are found and purified for additional testing.  The detail suggest these are from official documents and are constant with last weeks Nature report describing widespread infections of H5N1 in southeastern provinces.  The above report details deaths caused by additional isolates.

These additional isolates were not described in last week's Nature and Science report.

The isolates should be released to the scientific community, but instead China appears to be closing down information flow and trying to maintain control of a bird flu situation, that appears to be growing increasingly uncontrolable.
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