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H5N1 Evolution Via Recombination in Niger

Recombinomics Commentary

July 15, 2006

The sequences of two more isolates from Niger, A/chicken/Niger/2130-7/2006(H5N1) and A/chicken/Niger/2130-8/2006(H5N1) were published today at GenBank.  These sequences were closely related to the earlier sequence from Niger, A/duck?niger/914/2006.  The two new isolaets do not have G1252A, which is found in the bar headed goose isolate from Mongolia.  However, 2130-7 has T1090G, which is found in all three chicken isolates from the Crimea. 2130-8 has A1019G, which is found in several H5 isolates from Europe.

These acquisitions, placed on a Qinghai genetic background, create additional discordance, creating additional examples of acquisition via recombination.  Further evidence of novel acquisitions was provided bt another sequence released today,  A/mallard/Italy/3401/2005(H5N1).  Although the isolate is low path, it contains, A295G, which is also found in Qinghai bird flu isolates from Bavaria and Turkey.

The Qinghai strain is expanding its geographical reach and acquiring new polymorphisms.  Moreover, the Qinghai isolates are recombining with each other and evolving rapidly

These two new isolates from Niger provide additional evidence for newe sequences and new problems in the fall in the northern hemisphere.

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