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H1N1 In Kirovograd Ukraine Approaches Epidemic Levels
Recombinomics Commentary 13:13
July 15, 2010

According to information "All Kirovograd, obtained from its own sources assurances from authorities that Influenza warming, no, supported by only one - epidemiological threshold (100 patients per 10 thousand population) has not yet crossed. But the number of patients currently is 86 persons per 10 thousand population.

The above translation indicates the level of ARI/influenza in Kirovograd, Ukraine is approaching epidemic levels.  Although a serum antibody test for H1N1 had only one positive, these tests are heavily dependent upon serum collection time frames and assay target.  Information on the more sensitive PCR assay was not reported.  However, the spike of ARI/influenza cases in July in Ukraine strongly suggests the re-emergence of H1N1.

Recent spikes in H1N1 have been reported in Australia as well as India, and China just released a June 30, 2010 sequence with G158E and D225G, which are associated with immunological escape and fatal lung infections. D225G and D225N was detected in the majority of HA sequences from fatal cases in Ukraine.

The early appearance of H1N1 in Ukraine is cause for concern.

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