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Human H5N1 Bird Flu Bioweapons Research  in China?

Recombinomics Commentary

July 15, 2005

Since 2004, the government has classified most infected or death cases caused by the virus, supplemented with the information gathered in qinghai. For non-fatal infectious diseases, the chinese government targeted at controlling information and quarantine measures. For infectious diseases which are fatal to human, the focus of the government is whether the virus can be converted to a biological weapon or not. The military will first research on the controllability of the virus. In some occasions, the virus may even be released to the public in order to test the effectiveness of the vaccines and preventive measures.

So far, the bird-flu virus strains that are fatal to human is classified into 7 different categories. The H5N1 is the original version while others are mutated from the original H5N1.

The above is a human translation from the boxun report on strains isolated in China.  The comment on deliberate release on human subjects is of considerable concern.

This document has not been independently verified, but does raise disturbing issues, especially since H5N1 is very hard to control and rapidly changes via reassortment and recombination.

The details in these documents are cause for concern.

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