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Mistery Illness in Sichuan Spreads to Yunnan China?

Recombinomics Commentary

July 27, 2005

infection document continues to increase the border, adjoins Yunnan Province Chuxiong state wealth Fengxian has the populace declares the locality has ten person of sudden deaths, the cause of death is unclear, suspects and the Sichuan pig question concerns.

In northeast, northwest area, the Chinese youth female obvious are many to the male, Sichuan, Yunnan by are more two to six year old child, also has in one family several people one after another arises. (Abundant news

The above comments raise concerns that the mystery illness in Sichuan has spread to Yunnan Province to the south.  The larger geographical area would discount the chance that this is linked to a bacterial infection in pigs, which may be a secondary infection caused by another agent.

H5N1 has been found in Yunnan over the past several years.  Most recently, Yunnan isolates were described in the Nature paper characterizing the H5N1 from the Qinghai bird flu outbreak.

The H5N1 Yunnan isolates are similar to the H5N1 detected in swine in Indonesia near the Jakarta, Indonesia suburb where three family members have died.  The boxun report above also suggests several family members in Yunnan have symptoms.

These data raise the possibility that H5N1 is being transmitted by migratory birds and is responsible for the outbreaks in Sichuan and locations bordering Yunnan.

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