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Suspect H5N1 Cases In Thailand Increase and Spread

Recombinomics Commentary

July 28, 2006

concern situation patient bird flu that today there is patient lung inflame influenza which suspect bird flu to be at among task investigate disease and wait for result task confirm examine by laboratory amount 44 cases divide is Phichit 11 cases, Sukhothai 10, Suphan Buri 7, place remain province another like Phitsanulok and Yasothon because today can sign in command start faculty doctor diagnose in order that inquire that cases any will give a prescription Tamiflu

The above translation indicates the number of H5N1 bird flu suspect cases continues to rise.  To date only one fatality has been confirmed, but false negatives remains a significant concern.  H5N1 infections were recently acknowledged in Thailand, but historically, the reporting of H5N1 in Thailand in birds, dogs, and people has been controversial, at best.

The track record of detection of H5N1 in live patients has been poor worldwide.  The first four suspect cases in Turkey were initially said to be negative and H5N1 was not detected until lung samples were tested (and to date one of the four siblings is still officially negative as are many cousins who were hospitalized with bird flu symptoms).

The 44 suspect cases described above in Thailand is alarming, especially in view of past surveillance.  H5N1 has now also been acknowledged in neighboring Laos.  In February, H5N1 was detected in both Laos and Malaysia, but neither country, nor neighboring countries file mandatory OIE reports.

Questions of surveillance have been raised for over two years, and the failure to monitor and report may now be manifesting itself in significant human infections and spread.

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