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Six H5N1 Suspect Family Members Hospitalized in Karo Sumatra

Recombinomics Commentary

August 1, 2006

Six citizens of the Karo Regency, the North Sumatran Province (North Sumatra) was expected terjangkit) the virus avian influenza (AI) or bird flu, on Tuesday (1/8).

The previous day around the citizen's residence was found five tails of the poultry died suddenly positive resulting from bird flu.

Six citizens namely Efs (10), Js (15) Des (6), Mvs (1,5) Re (32), as well as anaknya Al (10).

Six citizens villagers Sumbul or the Mupakat Source, the Kabanjahe Subdistrict, the Karo Regency.
All this citizen was still having the family's relations and was living in one village.

Three of the patients, on Tuesday afternoon arrived in the central Public Hospital (RSUP) the Pilgrim Adam the Medan Owner.

They were Mvs, Efs, and Des.

The section head the Health of the Karo Regency the doctor Diana said signs of the illness of the six citizens same like the sufferer of the bird flu virus.

His signs including the hot temperature 37 levels celsius, the cough, pilek, breathless, broncho pneuemonia.

"All the patient will be sent by us to RSUP the Pilgrim Adam the Owner."

The above translation describes six family members hospitalized with H5N1 bird flu symptoms.  The family is from the Karo Regency, which is the location of the largest familial cluster in Indonesia.  In the earlier cluster, seven family members died and the eighth family member was recently released.

The above report indicates chickens in the are have died and tested positive for H5N1.  A second large outbreak in the same area is cause for concern.  The H5N1 isolated from the previous cluster was similar to H5N1 from poultry in the area, but none of the human H5N1 sequences have been released.

However, a phylogenetic tree indicated the H5N1 was distinct from the human H5N1's from other cases in Indonesia.  The other cases were on the island of Java.  Karo however, is in north Sumatra.

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