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H5N1 Enters Russia's Poultry Dense Tyumen Near Europe

Recombinomics Commentary

August 2, 2005

Let us note, in the suburb of Tyumen' are located two large poultry-breeding complexes - Bohr poultry processing facility and "Tyumen' broiler". Volume of the production of Bohr poultry processing facility - 2 million eggs into the day, 3 800 tons of fresh meat - yearly. Now in the enterprise more than 3,3 million head of bird, of them about 2,3 million - laying hen.

Poultry processing facility meets the demand of West and East Siberia, and also part of the Urals and central Russia. Since 1999 the enterprise constantly enters into the first five of rating "300 important and effective agricultural enterprises of Russia". That based in 1976 "Tyumen' broiler" supplies its production into the northern part of the region. According to the plans of enterprise, in this year the production of bird it had to exceed 25 thousand tons.

As noted in the machine translation above, H5N1 has now migrated into Russia's poultry producing region in Tyumen.  Tyumen is west of Omsk, which was just reported to have geese dying of suspected H5N1 infections. The bird flu migration to Tyumen indicates that H5N1 is migrating due west along Russia's southern border and should be in Europe shortly, if not there already.

As expected, the migration has left a trail of dead birds, and pointing to a catastrophic spread in Europe and Asia.  The H5N1 in Russia links back to the Qinghai Lake outbreak, which was unprecendented.  The suspect human cases in Kazakhstan increase concerns over increased human to human transmission as more H5N1 infected birds migrate from Russia and China to the west to Europe and to the south to India, eastern China, southeast Asia, and beyond.

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