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Second Suspect H5N1 Patient in Lop Buri Thailand Dies

Recombinomics Commentary

August 3, 2006

A Thai girl, who was suspected of contracting bird flu, died at the Lop Buri Provincial Hospital Thursday morning, hospital official said.
Officials were quoted by the web edition of local newspaper the Nation as saying that the nine-year-old girl was suffering from severe lung infections.

The girl was admitted to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after suffering from high fever since Sunday.

Lop Buri chief public health officer Doctor Pranom Khamthiang said she was awaiting a lab result to confirm if the girl had contracted the bird flu virus.

The above description indicates a second suspect H5N1 bird flu patient in Lop Buri has died.  It seems likely that H5N1 will be confirmed in the second patient, sounding alarm bells for H5N1 human infections in Thailand.  Lop Buri is in central Thailand, south of the earlier fatal case in Pitchit, near the Laotian border. A large number of suspect patients are undergoing testing.

The re-emergence of H5N1 in reported fatal cases in Thailand is cause for concern.

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