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CDC Testing New H1N1 Vaccine Target
Recombinomics Commentary 18:30
August 3, 2011

The CDC has released sequences (at GISAID) of new constructs, A/South Carolina/02/2010 NYMC X-205A, indicating these isolates are undergoing testing as a new pandemic H1N1 vaccine target.  The constructs had K157E and Q226R which were not present in the original sequences for A/South Carolina/02/2010, even though they were cloned in eggs 1 and 3 times.

However, the CDC has recently released a series of 2011 sequences from egg isolates that had a high frequency of Q226R, raising concerns that this change is becoming more common, and the change likely targets human lung, raising concerns that it is more deadly.  The antigenic characterization of the new construct against the current pandemic H1N1 vaccine was listed as TWO WAY LOW FAIL, indicating the combination of K157E and Q226R effective escapes from the current vaccine (vaccine against the old target poorly recongnizes new target, and vaccine against new target poorly recognizes old traget, A/California/07/2009).

The testing of this vaccine at this time of year, raises concerns that the above changes are creating serious issues.

More detail on the reasons and timing of the new testing would be useful.

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