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H5N1 Bird Flu Migrates to Mongolia

Recombinomics Commentary

August 6, 2005

The report quotes the Mongolian emergency case bureau person in charge says, these birds death places are storehouse Soviet Gull the province Arab League ?? Erdeni county one lakelet, since at the end of July, has roosted the rest one after another dies in this swan and the goose.

This person in charge indicates, at present the partial dead bird has delivered toward capital Ulan Bator analyzes, verifies the death reason, the remaining dead bird has done buries and so on processing, periphery the lake has also disinfected, comes out in the chemical examination result front forbids the person livestock to enter.

The above machine translation of a Boxun report suggest H5N1 bird flu has migrated to Mongolia.  Mongolia's proximity to Qinghai Lake, Russia, and Kazakhstan, all of which have confirmed H5N1 bird flu, predicted that bird flu would also reach Mongolia,

Prior H5 isolates from Chnay Lake and Primorie had shown related to each other as well as H5 in Europe, indicting migratory bird transmit H5 from Chany Lake to Primorie or vice versa.  Either direction however would likely include flights over Mongolia.

The H5N1 detected in China, Russia and Kazakhstan kills geese, which is unusual.  The dead geese in Mongolia strongly suggest that the H5N1 in the three adjacent countries has migrated to Mongolia also.  The dead geese in Mongolia also suggest H5N1 will be detected in Primorie also.

The appearance of the Asian version of H5N1 has not been previously reported in Russia, Kazakhstan, or Mongolia.  Thus, H5N1 has expanded its geographical range as well as its host range.  After migrating from Russian and northern China, it seems likely that most of Asia and Europe will be H5N1 positive in the upcoming flu season in the northern hemisphere.

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