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Bird Flu Quarantines of Families in Mongolia
as H5N1 Spreads
Recombinomics Commentary

August 8, 2005

Families were quarantined and tourists told to stay away from a popular lake in Mongolia where 86 swans and wild geese have been found dead from bird flu.

The birds, all migratory, first started dying late last month at Erkhel Lake, popular with visitors to the country, in Kovsgol province near the Russian border.

Another 14 wild birds have died at Khunt Lake in central Mongolia while one bird was found dead from flu in the south Gobi Desert area, the General Emergency Office of Mongolia said.

More than 100 people who live near Erkhel Lake have been put in quarantine although there was no immediate report of human infection, the office said.

The quarantining of families in Mongolia is cause for concern.  The path of dead birds appears to be broad, as the temperature turns colder and birds begin to migrate to warmer regions.

The bifurcation of paths away from Qinghai Lake appears to cover most of Asia and soon will also cover Europe.

A widespread distribution of HPAI H5N1 throughout Europe and Asia is cause for concern.

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