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150 Tested For H3N2v Influenza A In Gallia County Ohio?
Recombinomics Commentary 01:30
August 9, 2012

Adams said there was a problem last week in Gallia County in which around 95 people came down with an influenza type illness, 78 were children that had been to the county fair and 17 were adults. Thirty-seven of those tested positive for influenza A. Those specimens were sent to Atlanta in order to determine if they have the H3N2 type. He said two of the children were hospitalized one day and released the next day.
The above comments on the initial testing of symptomatic cases at the Gallia Junior County Fair in Green, Ohio provides insight into the demographics of the cases and suggests that number of know symptomatic cases may have exceeded 150. 

In the above list, about 20% of the cases are adults, which is markedly higher than the reported frequencies in prior outbreaks.

In additional, the above comments just report the first round of testing. 

The reported number of influenza A positive cases was 62, which was generated via two sets of testing which produced 37 and 25 positives

Thus, it seems likely that the 37 came from testing the 95.  A 40% sensitivity for the rapid test is not unusual.  If so, the other 25 positives would have come from testing an additional 60 symptomatic cases, indicating that the number tested exceeded 150, and the 150 would only represent a sub-set of those who were infected because many would not ask for or consent to testing.

Moreover, although 62 were influenza A positive, only 4 have been H3N2v confirmed, indicating there is a very large backlog, or a limited amount of confirmatory testing.

The CDC is clearly getting overwhelmed, and is now requesting the states to confirm positives, which represents a striking parallel with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic.

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