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Mysterious Illness Infections Grow in Sharkan Udmurita Russia

Recombinomics Commentary

August 12, 2005

The number of sick people by unknown infection in the village Of sharkan (Udmurtia) in the past week increased it almost twice and reached 64 people. It reports about this Territorial division Of rospotrebnadzora in Votkinsk city.

According to the information of physicians, among the sick 48 children of up to 14 years.

As previously it reported IA REGNUM, first victims began to enter the infectious department of the central district hospital of the village Of sharkan on 27 July. Is established the fact of bathing sick in the open reservoirs of the village Of sharkan and adjacent reservoirs 7-10 days prior to the beginning of disease. The places of bathing were not coordinated by the administration of village with Rospotrebnadzorom and they do not correspond to sanitary regulations.

On 11 August, according to the data of clinical picture and biochemical laboratory investigations, are confirmed the final diagnoses: the sharp virus infection of enteroviral etiology in 17 children, sharp respiratory virus infection in 3 people, including in 2 children; acute purulent meningitis in 2 people, GLPS - 1 child.

In remaining patients remain preliminary diagnosis "enteroviral infection, ORVI". In the given moment, the biological material of sick people it is located in the work in the virusological laboratory OF TSGUP "center of hygiene and epidemiology in UR".

The rapid increase in the number of patients is cause for concern,  H5N1 has been rapidly spreading along the southern border of Russia and northern border of Kazakhstan.  Reported cases are mapped, but some reports suggest the H5N1 wild bird flu is actually ahead of the reported cases, with one report indicating H5N1 was at the mouth of the Volga River earlier this week.

In Vietnam, asymptomatic water  fowl excrete large amounts of H5N1, causing potential pollution of rivers or canals.  In Tomsk, adjacent to Novosibirsk, there is an outbreak of meningitis in people who have used the river or canal.

Monitoring the spread of H5N1 in migratrory birds,termed "wild bird flu" would be useful as would H5N1 testing of infectious disease associated with rivers and ponds in the migratory bird flight paths.


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