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Garut H5N1 Bird Flu Cluster Grows to Nine
Recombinomics Commentary

August 17, 2006

Euis, the citizen of the Jojok Village, the Cikelet Village, the Cikelet Subdistrict, Garut, West Java, died in the Garut regional Public Hospital, on Thursday (17/8) around struck 22. 30 WIB. he it was suspected died because terinveksi the bird flu virus. Euis was the mother from Ai Siti the message, the patient suspect bird flu that died, two the previous day

The above translation indicates that the mother of the confirmed 9 year-old has also died.  Moreover, two neighbors (5F and 6F) who attended the funeral are now hospitalized with bird flu symptoms.

The rapidly growing cluster suggests that the H5N1 bird flu sequence has changed, which is being supported by local media reports.

The large number of cases in this small area indicates transmission of H5N1 to humans has become more efficient. 

More details on the changes sequence, which may be the acquisition of the Qinghai or Fujian HA cleavage site, would be useful.

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