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New Confirmed H5N1 Bird Flu Case in Bekasi
Recombinomics Commentary

August 18, 2006

Nursifah, the daughter was six years old was reconciled to the Infection Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso, Sunter, Jakarta North, on Friday (18/8).
He was stated positive was infected by the bird flu virus.

suspected infected by the bird flu virus when spending the night in his parents's house in Lovely Space Housing, the Big Hut, Bekasi, West Java

Now in the Nursifah environment remained everyday with his grandmother in the territory of the Hut Complex was creative, the Non-commissioned Officer's District, Bekasi West, was not gotten by the existence of the poultry.

The above translation describes another confirmed H5N1 bird flu case in Bekasi.  Moreover, there was no reported contact with infected poultry.  There have been clusters of cases in Bekasi since last year.  All reported human sequences from the Bekasi area have the novel HA cleavage site, which has not been reported in any H5N1 other than human cases in Indonesia.

The novel cleavage site was found in the first human H5N1 reported in Indonesia in July, 2005, yet there has not been a match from any bird species.  The only match has been from a cat in the Jakarta area.  The match failure highlights the lack of aggressive testing in Indonesia.  Wild birds serve as vectors for H5N1, yet no wild bird sequence has been reported from Indonesia.  Similarly, no sequences from H5N1 in swine or any other mammal, other than the one cat sequence, have been reported.

The sequences in the Jakarta area continue to evolve away from the published avian sequences and acquire Qinghai and Fujian sequences.  The changes are important for vaccine development, and the sequence database in Indonesia should be expanded.

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