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H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Suspected in Ufa in European Russia

Recombinomics Commentary

August 18, 2005

The inhabitants of Bashkirya began to be turned into the veterinary services of region, reporting about the suspicions to the bird influenza. Thus, on 17 August to the veterinary surgeons turned himself the inhabitant of the settlement Of shakshinka of Ufa region, after reporting that in his personal secondary economy unexpectedly passed away 5 hens, 10 more fell ill.

The machine translation above cites additional suspect H5N1 wild bird flu deaths in Europe.  This report increases the number of suspect locations in Europe to four (see map).  The increasing number of confirmed cases in southern Russia and northern Kazakhstan suggest that many of the suspect outbreaks will be confirmed.

The movement to the west and south is due to migratory birds and although culling may limit the spread from farm to farm, the likelihood of spread by migratory birds remains high as more birds begin migrating to warmer regions. 

Moreover, the leading edge of the H5N1 wild bird path is now entering regions where both birds and people are more densely populated.  Thus, the number of reported H5N1 wild bird cases in regions where H5N1 has not been previously reported is expected to increase significantly in the upcoming weeks.


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