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Tamiflu Blanket Placed Over Four Cikelet Villages
Recombinomics Commentary

August 22, 2006

"This as part of the mass prophylaxis or prevention medical treatment for all the inhabitant," said Yudhi to Tempo, on Monday afternoon. According to him, Tamiflu this was given in the dose of the prevention not in the dose of therapy.

He explained, as the prevention of medicine for bird flu was given one tablet every day for 10 days. Whereas for medical treatment was given two tablets for one week.

Tamiflu that was distributed, he said, was help from the government of the centre. The medicines were given in every day to the citizen of four hamlets in the Cikelat Village namely the Ranca Salak Village, Ranca Mareme, Jojoh, and the Sawah Bera. He estimated, the inhabitants of four hamlets totalled 2.000 people.

The above translation indicates the Tamiflu blanket is being placed over four hamlets in Cikelet covering 2000 people.  The WHO update describes prophylactic use of “close contacts”.  Clearly WHO is playing fast and loose with definitions of “close contacts”, as well as “evidence” of human-to-human transmission

Although failure to collect samples from the early deaths of family members destroys the “evidence”, the more efficient transmission of H5N1 to humans is clear.

H5N1 does not read press releases.

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