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H5N1 Wild Bird Flu in Surgut Kanti-Mansi In Russia?

Recombinomics Commentary

August 23, 2005

The wild ducks Of yugry they verified to the presence of the virus of the bird influenza

Veterinary surgeons Yugry verified wild bird in the Surgut region to the presence of the virus of bird influenza. Specialists conducted a study in the region of settlements bath and wide. The huntsman of the Surgut society of hunters and fishermen rendered assistance in the capture of wild bird. During the expedition the veterinary surgeons did not fix the mass case of bird. The analyses of the blood were undertaken in ten units of ducks and geese. These data are directed to the circumferential veterinary laboratory. The results of studies will be known in the week, reported SIA- press.

The above machine translation suggest H5N1 wild bird flu has been detected in the Surgut region of Kanti-Mansi Autonomous Region in Siberia (see map).  This would be the northern most detection of H5N1 and would support the OIE update report from Russia that warned of the migration of wild birds from northern Siberia into southern Siberia, beginning August 20.  These data also support the detection of H5N1 in the southwest corner of Tomsk, which would also indicate new migration into the area from the north.

If H5N1 is confirmed in these two areas, it would suggest a large reservoir of H5N1 in wild birds that had migrated to areas in northern Siberia will now be spreading H5N1 into southern Russia and beyond.


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