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13 Probable Ebola Deaths & 565 Suspect In DR Congo
Recombinomics Commentary 18:15
August 26, 23:00

· Declaration of the epidemic by the Minister of Public Health August 24, 2014
· 13 people died of the disease (CFR 54%), including five health workers, about 24 cases suspects (16 women and 8 men)
· 11 people segregated
· 24 cases (16 women and 8 men) of Ebola virus disease outbreak in the area of health
Boende, from July 28 to August 18, 2014
· 80 contacts identified for monitoring
· 4 positive samples from eight after a second analysis INRB
· 565 suspected cases investigated with gastroenteritis, diarrhea and vomiting.
· Index case identified Ikanamongo (100 km Boende): a woman who died on August 11 after consuming bushmeat hunted by her husband and that has contaminated your doctor and husband.
· yet unidentified strain between Zaire and Sudan. Awaiting the results from the laboratory in Franceville (Gabon).

The above comments from the second report from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) cite four confirmed Ebola cases, which were also cited by the MSF.  The initial reported cited 2 confirmed cases.  This report cites 13 deaths, including 5 health care workers out of 24 suspect. 

Although the CFR is listed as 54%, the segregation of the 11 additional cases suggests that none of these 24 cases have been discharged, so the CFR for cases with outcomes is currently at 100%.

It is unclear how the 565 suspect cases are related to the 24 cases that are dead or isolated.
The confirmation of Ebola after 13 cases have died and a total case load approaching 600 raises concerns about the spread of the virus, as well as the relationship to Zaire, Sudan, and a recombinant strain.

WHO had indicated they would issue a report on Monday, but a delay in the shipment of samples to their lab in Gabon has led to a delay in an update / confirmation of data presented by the DRC.

MSF has pledged resources, but noted that the available resources are limited due to the record number of Ebola cases in western Africa (primarily Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea).

Sequence data, as well as a clarification of the Sudan / Zaire “cross” would be useful.

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