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Indiana trH3N2 Case With Pandemic H1N1 MP
Recombinomics Commentary 14:20
August 27, 2011

The CDC has released a full set of pandemic H3N2 (trH3N2) sequences (at GISAID) from a toddler (1M) collected July 24, 2011 in Indiana (A/Indiana/08/2011).  The isolate is a reassortant with a pandemic H1N1 MP, which is the first such constellation reported in humans.  Moreover, the PB1 is most closely related to the PB1 from the 2007 Huron County Fair and therefore does not have E618D.

The H3 sequence is closely related to the 2010 human cases (A/Minnesota/11/2010, A/Wisconsin/12/2010, A/Pennsylvania/40/2010, A/Minnesota/09/2010), but is most closely related to two recent swine isolates, including one from Indiana (A/swine/North Carolina/A01049436/2011 and A/swine/Indiana/A0109091/2010).  However, the MP in the two swine isolates are identical, but related to North America swine, which is easily distinguished from the pandemic H1N1 MP in the above case.

The presence of pandemic MP in the recent cases raises concerns a further adapotation of trH3N2 to humans.

The CDC has begun testing a trH3N2 vaccine target, A/Minnesota/11/2010 X-203, which is related to the above case and from a cluster

The latest case is not described in the CDC's MMWR or website.  More detail on those case and symtoms in contacts would be useful.

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