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Minnesota H1N2v Has 2011 H3N2v Genes Including MP
Recombinomics Commentary 01:15
September 4, 2012

The CDC has released a full set of sequences (at GISAID) from one of the H1N2v isolates from Minnesota, A/Minnesota/12/2012 (collected August 26).  The CDC is to be commended for the rapid release of this importnat sequence.

Unlike the H1N2 isolate from 2011,
A/Minnesota/19/2011, the current sequence has an H1N1pdm09 M gene that is closely related the M gene in 2011 human cases, which is also true for PB2, PA, NA, and MP, raising concerns of human adaptation.  This increased transmission is also supported by the detection of three cases, which is more than the two H1N2v human cases described previously.

In addition the other three genes are from lineages found in prior human isolates.  The H1 is the same lineage as the 2011 case, A/Minnesota/19/2011, which was a case with no swine exposure.  The PB1 is the same lineage found in the two 2007 cases, A/Ohio/1/2007 and A/Ohio/2/2007, while the NS is the same lineage as the H1N1v from Wisconsin, A/Wisconsin/28/2011.

The above constellation is unique, and detection in three H1N2v cases in Minnesota is cause for concern.

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