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H5N1 Bird Flu Suspect Cases in Egypt
Recombinomics Commentary

September 8, 2006

The Directorate of Health became seizure of bin Laden, Mohamed Atta - five years - and his mother, an evening full Qasim Sawamah east of the village center Akhmim in hospital on suspicion of haemorrhagic disease caught the avian flu. Also been sent samples of bin Laden, an evening for analysis at the Ministry of Health.

The National Committee to face bird flu headed by Dr. Hatem Al-Gabali, Minister of Health that it had to take measures to isolate and execution of poultry suspected of carrying the virus after an outbreak among domestic birds last week in the revival of the rain and Kobba and the eighth district in Cairo.

It also emerged in the cases of Giza and Dakahlia, Damietta, Qena, Qalubia and Beni Suef.

The above translation details two new suspect H5N1 bird flu cases in Egypt, as well as the spread of H5N1 into many regions beyond the initial reports of outbreaks in Cairo and Sohag.

The rapid spread in Egypt raises concerns about the lack of reports in neighboring countries in Africa and the Middle East where H5N1 has been reported earlier this year.

Last year the initial reports of H5N1 migrating south began in October, but reports from residents indicated wild birds, such as mute swans, were dying in August in the Volga Delta and Danube Delta.

It seems likely that unreported cases are again in these areas this season.

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