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Week 36 MMWR Has Two Pennsylvania trH3N2 Cases
Recombinomics Commentary 12:15
September 15, 2011

 Novel influenza A infection virus ***









PA (2 )

The above data is from tomorrow’s MMWR (week 36 ending September 10) with two more trH3N2 cases listed for Pennsylvania.  Although listed in the current week (Sep 4 – Sep 10), it is likely that these two cases are A/Pennsylvania/11/2011 and A/Pennsylvania/10/2011 from collections on August 25 and August 26 respectively.  The two listed cases bring the total reported in 2011 to six, which would include two 2010 cases (A/Pennsylvania/40/2010 which was initially sub-typed as seasonal H3N2 and added to the week 4 MMWR, and the daughter of the Minnesota index case, who was added to the week 30 MMWR after the serological confirmation of trH3N2 was announced in the week 21 MMWR).

The other two cases were reported in the week 34 MMWR and were the cases from Indiana (A/Indiana/08/2011) and the Schuylkill County case who attended the Washington County fair (A/Pennsylvania/09/2011).

Tomorrow’s update makes the MMWR notifiable disease page current for public trH3N2 cases, and any new additions would represent cases not reported to date. 

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