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Sixth H5N1 Fatality in Jakarta Causes Concerns

Recombinomics Commentary

September 21, 2005

"The symptoms were heavy pneumonia, the same as bird flu symptoms. Her family confirmed to us that she had contact with dead chickens," Sardikin told Reuters.

The girl had been treated in a different hospital for five days before being brought to the Sulianti Saroso Hospital.

The death of five year old, Riska Ardian, is the 6th reported fatality with bird flu symptoms.  Thus far there have been no discharges, so the case fatality rate remains at 100%.  In addition to the three family members who died in July,  2 month old Livo Rusting died on September 6 and Rini Dina, who tested positive for H5N1, died on September 10.

There are at least 8 patients hospitalized with bird flu symptoms.  Most did not have clear connections with poultry.  The cases include at least three Ragunan zoo workers.  Asymptomatic H5N1 infections are widespread among the 2100 exotic birds at the zoo.  However, the zoo employees with bird flu symptoms are a tour guide and two food vendors, who would have minimal contact with the birds.

Similarly, the transmission of H5N1 to Rini Dina's nephew and a contact of Mutiara Gaytri indicate casual contact is transmitting H5N1.


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