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9 Year Old Ragunan Zoo Visitor Hospitalized with H5N1

Recombinomics Commentary

September 21, 2005

One of the 8 patients were expected terjangkit the virus of birds flu that was treated in the Infection Hospital (RSPI) Sulianti Saroso evidently had visited to the Ragunan Zoo.

This was revealed by Deputy Director RSPI Sulianti Saroso, Dr Sardikin Giriputro in RSPI Sulianti Saroso, Sunter, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/9/2005).

The "patient had gone to the Ragunan Zoo before the place was closed," said Dr Sardikin.

The patient who was meant by Dr Sardikin to be the female child was 9 years old have the initials JM. he was the reconciliation patient from a hospital in the Bekasi area.

The above machine translation indicates that a 9 year old female patient (JM) have visited the Raganan Zoo prior to developing bird flu symptoms.  She transferred to  Sulianti Saroso Hospital on Wednesday from a hospital in Bekasi area.  Two other patients were admitted on Wednesday and two patients with bird flu symptoms died.

One, a 2 year old, had been denied treatment because the three workable respirators were in use, and her H5N1 test had not come back from the lab, although she had symptoms and here white blood count and hematocrit were characteristically very low.

One media report has indicated that JM has died, but since she was admitted Wednesday and was not on a ventilator, that report may be in error.

However, JM is the fourth or fifth person linked to the Ragunan Zoo which is cause for concern.  The 3 or 4 zoo employees were a tour guide, two food servers, and a trader (the trader may be one of the food servers).  These positions would not have close contact with the birds asymptomatically infected with H5N1, so the clustering among a visitor and service personnel is cause for concern.

The number a cases being transferred to the hospital is alarming as is the fact that many cases have no evidence of direct contact with poultry.

The clustering of clusters in Jakarta is an indication that the pandemic has moved to phase 5.


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