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Nine H5N1 Admissions Today Including Four Ragunan Zoo Visit

Recombinomics Commentary

September 22, 2005

Thursday (15/9/2005) then, according to Hermawan, Elisabeth with his grandmother and his mother as well as several of the family's members other visited to the Ragunan Zoo. ....

Beforehand struck 19.00 WIB had a patient had the initials JT (2) from Bekasi that also entered to RSPI. To struck 18.30 WIB also had the patient had a name Muji the Well-being (26) that was reconciled by RS Hermina in Plumpang. Muji could last Sunday visit to the Ragunan Zoo.

The above machine translation describes 3 more patients admitted to Sulianti Saroso this evening, including two more children who had visited the Ragunan Zoo on 9/15 and "last Sunday".  This morning two other children were admitted and yesterday there were two more who had visited the zoo.  Thus, there are now 6 zoo vistors admitted and 115 zoo visitors with symptoms, who were turned away because they were not yet sick enough.

Patients have been admitted all day today.  Media reports describe 9 admissions today ranging in age from 1.5 to 55.  In addition to the children, there were farmers whose chickens died last week and an assortment of other instances from locations throughout the Jakarta area.

The hospital now has eight from the zoo (two workers and six children) that cover several dates in the past week. These transmissions appear to be casual,  Two of the children were 1.5 years of age.  More admissions are expected.

Clearly the efficiency of H5N1 bird flu infections has increased, as the number of admitted cases doubles daily.

The H5N1 pandemic appears to be at phase 5 heading for phase 6. There are no major antiviral interventions. 

WHO press releases are still in denial.

H5N1 does not read press releases.


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