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Another Fatal H5N1 Bird Flu Case in Jakarta Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary
September 24, 2006

The boy, a resident of Ciputat Raya in South Jakarta, had suffered from fever, cough, runny nose and pneumonia after he began to get sick on Sept. 13, Ruesin said.

The boy was said to have had contact with a sick bird. Most human cases are known to have followed such contacts.

The above wire service comments describe the most recent confirmed cases in Indonesia.  Like the vast majority of confirmed cases, the patient is from the Jakarta area.  All but one human H5N1 bird flu isolate from the Jakarta area have a novel cleavage site.  This novel cleavage site has not been reported in any poultry from the Jakarta area, even though human cases have been reported for well over a year, beginning in July, 2005.  The only Java bird isolate with the cleavage site was from Indramyu, but that isolate match a very small subset of human isolates.

The failure to match the human H5N1 to poultry is cause for concern, as are the misleading wire service reports, couple with WHO updates.

These reports continue to misinform the general public on the source of the H5N1 human infections in Indonesia.

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