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Pranee Family Infections in Thailand

Recombinomics Commentary
September 25, 2004

The stories linked below expand the number of  infected members of the Pranee family in Thailand to five.  The 11 year old daughter and 26 year old mother have died, although it is not clear that useful samples have been collected from either.  The daughter was cremated and the mother's tissues had been treated with formaldehyde prior to autopsy

The mother had traveled from Bangkok to visit her daughter hospitalized in northern Thailand and then attend her funeral.  The mother came back to Bangkok where she developed symptoms and died.  The 11 year old was also cared for by her 32 year old aunt, who has also developed symptoms, including severe pneumonia.  The latest media report indicates that a 3 year old family member has also developed symptoms as well as the 6 year old son of the aunt.

Although chickens linked to the 11 year old daughter have died, there is no recent linkage between chickens and the 26 year old mother or the 32 year old aunt.

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