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Saudi Arabia SARS-CoV Case Fatality Rate Raises Concerns
Recombinomics Commentary 13:00
September 25, 2012

We are also aware of a small number of other cases of serious respiratory illness in the Middle East in the past three months, one of whom was treated in the UK but has since died.

The above comments from the UK Health Protection Agency increases concerns based on a high case fatality rate (CFR) for the novel SARS-CoV confirmed in two cases (60M and 49M).  Although the above fatal case has not been SARS-CoV confirmed, the similarity with the current case (infected in the Middle East and flown to the UK for treatment) raises concerns that the above fatal case and the current critical case may be related.

The index case (60M) showed symptoms three months ago and died in Saudi Arabia, but the critical case is much more current (developed symptoms in Qatar on September 3 after travel to Saudi Arabia) and the disease onset dates for the “other cases of serious respiratory illness in the Middle East” has not been released.  However, confirmation of SARS-CoV in the above fatal case would produce a CFR of 67%, which would be a significant concern.

More detail on the above fatal case, as well as the additional cases under investigation, (including, symptoms, disease onset dates, and locations) would be useful.

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