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Fatal H5N1 Cluster in Tulungagang Indonesia
Recombinomics Commentary
September 26, 2006

Surabaya, Kompas – the regional Public Hospital Dr Soetomo again received the patient with the assumption of suffering bird flu.

the patient was treated in intensive observation space in the Anathesi Building old and was handled by the team of the doctor who was led by Dr Palilingan.

The female patient berisial E (25) arrived, struck 23.00, on Monday (25/9).
The patient was reconciled from RSU Dr Iskhak helped Great because of not having intensive observation space there.

According to Santi, the patient's brother, in the last month dozens of chickens perliharaan their family died suddenly.

Last week the youngest child's brother Santi died after being treated 3 hours in RSU Dr Iskhak.

The above translation appears to be describing the transfer of the sister of the 66th confirmed H5N1 bird flu case in Tulungagung who was brought to Dr Iskak Tulungagung at 19:00 and died at 22:45 on September 18.  Samples were collected from 5 family members of the boy’s (11M) family, as well as 20 hospital workers at RSUD Dr Iskak. 

The transfer of his sister one week after the death of the confirmed index case is cause for concern.  It remains unclear if additional family members are hospitalized at RSUD Dr Iskak or health care workers have shown symptoms, but the collection of 25 serum samples from contacts suggest there were significant concerns over a week ago.

Although the latest WHO update describing the index case mentions the dead poultry of a month ago, it fails to describe the case's hospitalized sister.  The withholding of this information is cause for concern.

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