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Five Suspect London1 Coronavirus Cases In Denmark
Recombinomics Commentary 13:00
September 26, 2012

Jens Peter Shen says that the two people independently had been visiting the Middle Eastern countries.

One of the hospitalized are in their late 20s and the other in the late 30s.

The hospitalized man's family has also been hospitalized. It is about a woman and two children. A total of five people that is in the hospital.

The above translation describes 5 patients in Denmark who have influenza-like symptoms linked to visits to Qatar and Saudi Arabia (three of the five are family members of one of the two travelers).  These are milder cases, which were expected. 

The two confirmed patients had renal failure, which was also seen in a small portion (about 6%) of SARS-CoV cases in 2003.  Renal failure correlated with a poor prognosis, which is the case for the two confirmed cases in 2012 (one, 60M, died in Saudi Arabia, while the other, 49M, is in critical condition and on an ECMO machine).

The sequence from the Qatar case (London1) is novel and in group 2c (SARS-CoV is in group 2b) and is most closely related to a series of Bat coronavirus HKU-5 and HKU-4 isolates from Guangdong Province in China, which are rapidly evolving via natural homologous recombination.

The 208 BP fragment of the nsp12 polymerase gene is 99.5% identical to the corresponding region in the sequence from the index case (60M), signaling the emergence of a novel cornovirus in humans.

Results on the testing of the five suspect cases are expected later today.

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