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Tinjomoyo Zoo in Samerang Closed Due To H5N1 Positive Birds

Recombinomics Commentary

September 29, 2005

he zoo of Tinjomoyo Semarang will be closed for 21 days, following the discovery of several poultries that was in this zoo was positive terjangkit the virus of birds flu or Avian influenza (AI).

Eight positive poultries were affected by the virus of birds flu that consisted of the eagle dodol and Kate's chicken is currently killed and burnt in order to the spread not happen.

The above machine translation indicates H5N1 bird flu was detected in at least eight birds at the Tinjomoyo Zoo in Semarang in Central Java.  This closure has parallels with the Rangunan Zoo in Jakarta.  The birds there were massively infected with H5N1 and both zoo workers and visitors tested positive for H5N1 (see Jakarta map).  The number of infections is unknown, but recently a baby of a mother who had visited the zoo in Jakarta was just admitted to the Salianti Saroso infectious disease hospital in Jakarta.

In Semarang, there is also a cluster of suspect bird flu cases (see Indonesia map).  Two siblings have died and a third sibling has been hospitalized at RS Doctor Kariadi where another suspected bird flu case has been admitted.

More detail on how many birds were tested would be useful.  At the Rangunan Zoo, only 4 of the 27 birds randomly tested were negative for H5N1.

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