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4 More H5N1 Bird Flu Patients Admitted in Jakarta

Recombinomics Commentary

October 1, 2005

The three patients that is, Ida Ketut W (34 years) that entered since struck 14.30 WIB, Muhamad Ruben (4 months 10 days) that entered since struck 16.30 WIB, and Euis Hendrawati (39) that entered struck 19.45 WIB. they were at this time being treated in Cempaka RSPI Saroso space.

The above machine translation described three more patients admitted to RS Sulianti Saroso on Sept 30,  earlier, a poultry breeder, Sudarmadi (68M) was also admitted.  These four new cases had contacts with poultry and had similar bird flu symptoms.

The steady stream of patients being admitted in Jakarta (see map) reinforces the observations of casual contact and increased spread.  Most patients in media reports are at infectious disease hospitals and samples are collected after transfer.  To better approximate the spread of H5N1 in the human population in Indonesia, samples must be collected at primary care facilities.  After transfer, H5N1 has moved out of the nose and throat, so false negative swabs from those sites are common.

More aggressive screening will better approximate the spread of H5N1 in Indonesia, and dictate an appropriate response, which at this time is far from adequate.


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