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Mystery Illness Toll in Toronto Increases To Ten Dead

Recombinomics Commentary

October 4, 2005

Dr. McKeown provided the following update:

    -  Since yesterday there have been four additional deaths,
       for a total of ten in the outbreak.

    -  The outbreak has so far affected a total of 70 residents,
       12 employees and two visitors at Seven Oaks.

    -  40 residents from Seven Oaks have been admitted to hospital.

The above update reveals a much more serious condition than yesterday.  The number dead has increased to 10 from 6 and the number of residents admitted to Toronto area hospitals has increased from 30 to 40.  Thus, 50 of the 70 residents infected have been hospitalized or died.  The deaths are over 14% of the infected residents.  In addition, the number of employees infected has risen form 8 to 12, suggesting more residents will show symptoms due to later exposure dates.

There has still been no etiological agent identified, so negative data for H5N1 remains suspect.  The increasing numbers of dead patients should provide sufficient autopsy material for identification of this deadly and highly infectious agent.

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