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H5N1 Suspect Cluster in Makassar South Sulawesi Grows
Recombinomics Commentary

October 4, 2006

As Many As eight citizens who lived in Street Perintis Breakingprep Kemerdekaan, Makassar, were taken the sample of his blood because of experiencing the sign that was similar to the bird flu sufferer.

Two among them, the older brother was siblings, Dion (7) and Mustarisa (4), underwent the intensive maintenance in the Public Hospital (RSU) Wahidin Sudirohusodo, on Tuesday (3/10).

The official also combed the patient's neighbour.Two citizens, Nurwan (30) and Hidayati (21), kedapatan experienced the similar sign.The neighbour Dion that lived in Street Perintis Breakingprep Kemerdekaan KM 8 No 8 this took part in being taken the sample of his blood and was recommended to RS Wahidin to undergo the intensive maintenance.
Six patients suspect this was their respective, Dion R (7), Mustarisa (4), Nur Asiah (11), Apriliyani, Paturungi, and Salsabil.

From six patients tesrebut, four among them, Dion, Mustarisa, Nurasiah, and Salsabil entered on the same day, on Monday (2/10).

The above translation indicates the number of hospitalized suspect H5N1 bird flu victims continues to increase in Makassar in South Sulawesi.  In June a confirmed H5N1 case died in Makassar and recently the number of additional hospitalized patiens began to increase dramatically.  Some of the earlier cases are recovering, so the recent cases could be seasonal flu, or H5N1 responding to Tamiflu treatment.

The clustering in the same neighborhood, however, remains a cause for concern.

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