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Bird Flu Symptoms in Sulianti Suraso Health Care Worker

Recombinomics Commentary

October 13, 2005

Umayani, the citizen RT 06/04, the Steamer District, of the Beji Subdistrict, Depok, that was professional as the nurse UGD in RS Sulianti Suroso, was treated in RS Sulianti Suroso, Sunter because terindikasi birds flu.

The above online translation describes a health care worker with bird flu symptoms.  She works at the main infectious disease hospital in Jakarta.  The ICU at the facility is full and new transfers are dying within minutes or hours of arrival.

Although media coverage has declined, and nose and throat swabs are collected after H5N1 has moved into the patient's lungs, the dead continue to mount and the ICU remains full to capacity.

Indonesia is a major problem that is being poorly monitored.  Proper collection of samples would significantly increase the number of confirmed cases.

At this time WHO is acknowledging 5 "confirmed" H5N1 cases.  This is a gross misrepresentation.  Four of the five confirmed cases are part of family clusters.  The "unconfirmed cases" include four relatives.  Two of the four have died with bird flu symptoms and two have tested positive for H5N1 in Jakarta.  The number of suspected bird flu deaths is 17.

Others are positive after visiting the Ragunan zoo, which just reopened.  Indonesia is still in the business as usual mode, sending zoo visitors with mild symptoms away.  Mild cases are also held at primary facilities where they are not tested for H5N1.

WHO's monitoring and reporting of H5N1 is scandalously poor.

It is time for change.


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