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Fatal H5N1 Cluster In Bali Indonesia Increases To Three
Recombinomics Commentary 12:20
October 17, 2011

Biological mother of two children who died from bird flu in Bali, died at his home. Before burial, the officers took a blood sample suspected suspect bird flu in the village Jehem Tembuku Bangli district of Bali. The victim is the mother of two children who a few days ago died in hospital Sanglah Bali positive result contracted bird flu. He experienced symptoms of fever and heat, although the results of his blood tests last week declared negative burung.Ia flu died two days after leaving the hospital treatment room Bangli.

The above translation indicates the mother of the two fatal cases in the Bagli district in Bali, Indonesia has also died.  Although the earlier test on the mother was negative, she had H5N1 symptoms, including a drop in platelet count.  Moreover, the delay in the date of death strongly suggests human to human transmisson.

Negative H5N1 results for Indonesian patients who recover are common, but confirmation of fatal is more frequent, leading to a case fatality rate of over 80%, which has been the situation in Indonesia since the first confirmed H5N1 cases in 2005.  The Ministry of Health and WHO have not reported H5N1 confirmation of any of the three fatal cases, which is also not unusual for Indonesia.  IHR requires notification with 48 hours of lab confirmation of novel influenza cases, including H5N1, but several years ago Indonesia announced reporting changes for H5N1 cases.  The timing of notication of WHO remains unclear, but WHO announcements of confirmed cases follows announcements by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

In addition to the three fatal cases in Bali, four additional suspect H5N1 cases have been hospitalized in central Lombok.. which is east of Bali

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