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China and Russia File H5N1 Wild Bird Flu OIE Reports Today

Recombinomics Commentary

October 19, 2005

Today's OIE report from China describes an outbreak in Inner Monglia which is almost certainly H5N1 wild bird flu.  The sero-type was H5 and the isolate was HPAI based on the Intravenous Pathogenicity Index (IVPI).  Since the outbreak began on October 19, the IVPI designation indicates that like other H5N1 wild bird flu, the current isolate killed experimental chickens very quickly.  Like earlier H5N1 wild bird outbreaks in China and elsewhere, wild birds were cited as the cause of the infection.

Today Russia reported a similar outbreak south of Moscow.

The simultaneous filing by Russia and China on H5N1 wild bird flu signals the start of the migration which will dramatically increase the geographic range of H5N1.

Media reports described several outbreaks in Europe (see Europe map) and signal an H5N1 global expansion (see world map).


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