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New Suspect H5N1 Cases in Egypt
Recombinomics Commentary
October 20, 2006

There is a state of panic among citizens Governorate Western fear of the spread of the bird flu pandemic. The Directorate of Health called the detention of sick Ula Abdel Razek, 28 years housewives and evaluates Enberoh city of Dakahlia Governorate in hospital.

Pathogenesis of Mahala under suspicion بانفلونزا infected birds. Been sent a sample of blood for examination by central labs in Cairo. As has been sampling from all Almkhalten them. This is the third case that emerged in the province within days.

The above translation provides detail for a second suspect H5N1 bird flu victim in Egypt, and mentions a third case.  The first case has been confirmed by WHO on October 11, and several outbreaks have been reported in Egypt, as well as neighboring Sudan.

These cases coincide with migratory birds head south for the fall and winter and raise questions about the lack of H5N1 reports in Turkey and other countries in the Middle East.  H5N1 was confirmed in Turkey and Romania in October, 2005 and H5N1 in Siberia over the summer indicates a new wave of H5N1 infections would be expected at this time in the same regions as reported in 2005.  The only country reporting H5N1 this season is the Ukraine. Last season, many countries failed to report H5N1 until after fatalities were reported in humans in Turkey in early January, 2006.

Reporting failures in these areas this season highlights major questions about surveillance and transparency in these countries again this season.

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