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Suspected Famiial H5N1 Cluster in Cianjur Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary

October 24, 2005

2 siblings in Cianjur, Northern Java, have passed away with symptoms similar to the of bird flu. Siti, the eldest sister has also displayed similar symptoms and is currently being treated at the RS Ciajur General Medical Centre. She was first hospitalized on 23rd October 2005 and has remained in the ICU.

Siti Maemunah, a resident of Kampung Loji, Desa Sukasirna, had a high fever and difficulties in breathing. She is a trainee teacher at Negeri Sukasirna School, Ciranjang, Ciajur. A few days before, her brothers, Ajid (aged 7), and Jafarudin (aged 10) passed away. Ajid died on Monday (171005). Three days later (201005), Jafarudin died. Both died with symptoms of high fever and difficulties in breathing.

The above translation of an Indonesia television report identifies yet another suspected bird flu cluster.  These clusters have been reported throughout Indonesia (see map).

Thehe clusters make up the majority of confirmed H5N1 cases in Indonesia.

Although not widely reported, these increases in the number of clusters in Indonesia show that the pandemic phase 3 classification by WHO for the 2005 flu pandemic is not reality based.


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