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3 Ex-Thailand Travelers Hospitalized With H5N1 Symptoms

Recombinomics Commentary

October 26, 2005

He returned very right from a voyage to Thailand from the 12 to October 19 within a group of 19 people. Taking away were carried out on the patient. "Monday October 24, following the appearance of a cough, two taking away for the research of the virus grippal H5N1 were carried out on the level of the nose and the throat. The first appeared doubtful, the second positive one "

By precaution, the 19 people who took part in the same voyage in Thailand were questioned on their health. Two of them present grippaux symptoms "

The above online translation indicates the patient (43M) in French Reunion had returned from a trip to Thailand.  Two other members of the 19 party group have also been hospitalized with symptoms.  The index case tested inconclusive initially, followed by a positive H5N1 test.

Thailand has had a recent rash of new H5N1 cases in birds and people.  The first three reported cases are all related, suggesting more efficient human-to-human transmission.  Now the travelers have 1 member that has tested positive and two more with symptoms.

The status of other passengers on the airline remains unclear, as is the exact location visited in Thailand and potential sources of infection.

More information in these areas would be useful.


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