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WHO Update Supports MERS Jubail Timeline
Recombinomics Commentary 22:45
November 4, 2013

The patient is a 56-year-old woman with underlying medical conditions from the Eastern Region. She became ill on 26 October 2013 and died on 30 October 2013. She had no contact with animals, but had contact with a previously laboratory confirmed case.
The above comments, from today’s WHO MERS update provide key dates (disease on set and death) for the most recent confirmed fatality in Jubail (see map).  This detail supports the timeline based on local media reports, which note that the index case (54M) for the nosocomial outbreak at the Royal Commission Hospital (RCH) died on October 22, five days after he was admitted.

Media reports not that the latest fatality (56F) described above had been admitted 15 days prior to her death and developed symptoms 3 days prior to her death.  She was in the ICU when the index was there, and therefore was infected in the hospital, which is the basis of a threaten law suit against the hospital.

Similarly, media reports indicated the other recent fatality (83F) was hospitalized 30 days prior to her death, and she as well as the aboive case developed symptoms shortly after the death of the index.  Moreover, she was also in the same ICU as both of the above cases, and therefore was also infected by the index case.

Media reports also cite 3 additional patients in the ICU with similar symptoms.  One (15F) does not match any of the confirmed cases from the eastern region cited by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health (KSA-MoH).  However, the other two patients, who are said to be in the sixth decade of life, have ages similar to the other two confirmed cases, a health care worker (56M) and a slightly younger patient (49M).

More detail on these confirmed cases, as well as the additional patients in the RCH ICU, would be useful.

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