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Suspect H5N1 Fatality in Banjarnegara East Java
Recombinomics Commentary
November 6, 2006

This time casualties were named Juanto, villagers Kalimindi, Purworejo Klampok, Banjarnegara, East Java.

This man died when being treated in Margono Sukarjo space of the isolation of the regional Public Hospital, Purwokerto, East Java.

Beforehand casualties were the reconciliation patient from the Hospital of Emmanuel Banjarnegara.

Now the RS Margono Sukarjo side decisive, if being seen from his clinical sign, positive casualties were attacked by the bird flu virus.

Juanto became the patient suspect sixth bird flu that came from Banjarnegara and second casualties that died.

The above translation describes a suspected H5N1 bird flu fatality in Banjarnegara.  Recently an earlier fatality in the same area was confirmed, adding to earlier concerns  about additional hospitalized patients. 

More information on H5N1 antibody levels in recovered patients would be useful

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