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WHO Investigates Suspect H5N1 Clusters in Riau Indonesia

Recombinomics Commentary
November 9, 2007

With the number suspect that enough this in time that was not too long caused the Department's side of the RI Health and the team from the World Health Organization (WHO) descended directly to Riau.

Yes', tomorrow the team from WHO and the Department of Health will descend to Riau', said Burhanuddin.

Meanwhile members Commission D Mukti sanjaya also say his side will immediately summon Dinas Health Province Riau. According to him Diskes for a long time not transparent. Concerning this in connection with matter of patient suspect flu burung that kept secret. "Fundamentally impression be/is that shut-to cover up because Diskese issue condition patient them actually/in fact," clear Mukti more.

The above translations from local media in Indonesia describe and investigation of H5N1 cases in Riau by WHO and the Riau Department of Health.

Officially there have been only two confirmed H5N1 infections in Riau in September and October (33M and 44F, respectively).  However, media reports have raised additional concerns.  Two nurses who cared for the October case developed symptoms and one local media report indicated the nurses died.  Similarly, there was another case (10F) who was said to have tested positive.  The patient died and the report of a positive test was quickly followed by reports that she tested negative.  However, her aunt (17F) also died 11 days earlier with bird flu symptoms, but was said to have not been tested because no sample was collected.

Most recently, another hospital employee died (31M).  He did administrative work and the local media indicates he has tested positive.  The most recent admissions are his neighbors, who also have bird flu symptoms.

These clusters raise serious concerns about the efficiency of H5N1 transmission in the area, and media reports on a lack of transparency have significantly increased those concerns.

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