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H5N1 Wild Bird Flu Spread in Liaoning Province China

Recombinomics Commentary

November 10, 2005

China has filed an OIE report detailing H5N1 outbreaks in two more areas in Liaoning Province, Daling in Jinzhou City and Chaoyangsi in Fuxin City.  These outbreaks began November 6 and follow the October 26 outbreak in Badaohao in Jinzhou City.  The filing of three reports in the same region in China is unusual and the filings represent a failure to control the outbreak.

Control of the October 26 outbreak involved vaccination with an H5N2 subunit vaccine.  In the latest report, two additional vaccines, an H5N1 recombinant vaccine and an H5 vectored live vaccine were used.  This use of additional vaccines suggests the infections are not yet under control.  However, since the outbreak was attributed to contact with wild animals, the H5N1 infected wild birds may limit control efforts.

Recent reports of H5N1 antibodies in one of the victims in the Hunan outbreak raises concerns that the H5N1 carried by the wild birds can cause infections in humans, increasing the concern over the OIE reports in three regions in Liaoning.


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