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H5N1 In Wild Birds on Crimea Peninsula
Recombinomics Commentary
November 10, 2006

Were shot out 1279 birds for the veterinary analysis. Thus the virus of bird influenza was established in the Dzhankoyskeye region (weft), in Krasnogvardeyskiy (pigeons) and Bakhchisarayskeye region (rooks), after which the corresponding measures were accepted.

The above translation describes the detection of H5N1 bird flu in three species in three regions of the Crimea Peninsula. The positive samples were from birds shot by hunters, adding to the number of reports from H5N1 in healthy wild birds.  The movement of H5N1 into the area is not unexpected, since H5N1 had been found last season on the Crimea peninsula as well as earlier this season in Poltava, 205 miles southeast of Kiev.  The finding of H5N1 at three locations on the Crimea peninsula supports additional migration into the area, which is also expected since H5N1 has detected throughout southern Siberia over the summer, and these birds are now migrating into regions in Europe and the Middle East where H5N1 was detected last fall.

Last season, most countries in Europe did not report H5N1 until early 2006, although H5N1 was detected in wetlands in the Volga and Danube Delta area much earlier.

Similar surveillance failures are expect this season.

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